GIVA Media Network Meeting 2018


06 & 07 JULY 2018, BENGALURU

GIVA Media Network Meeting held on 06 & 07 July 2018 at Frontier Management Centre in Bengaluru. 
13 leaders participated in this event in which most of them were innovatively engaging the public with the media. They were energetic and passionate about creatively communicating Christ values across the globe.
The aim is to envision, create and place Christ valued media people & thinkers, to set Jesus values all over the world. Also to produce Jesus valued products, materials and services in all media forms (Visual, Print, Web & Audio) and market them effectively. And to network with the existing Christ following media people to broaden the dialogue.

Mr Bobby Mathew, one of the Directors of GIVA Inno-Ventures Pvt Ltd and GIVA Trust, emceed this important event. He is the Owner of an IT company and the Pastor of a church in Bengaluru. Mr Kannan, CEO of GIVA Company, presented all the GIVA Networks and their aims. He highlighted the importance of GIVA Media Network and its interlink between other networks.

Devotions on the two days were led by Mr Bobby Mathew and Mr Bhaskar Venugopal. Mr Bobby highlighted Apostle Paul’s creative ability to present the Gospel to different groups in a way they understood. He also urged the need for innovatively using media to influence the thinking and culture of the masses. Mr Bhaskar emphasised two aspects i.e. Activities & Attitudes connected to our mission. He urged that our Activities should possess three components such as Inspiration from God, Human desperations and Penetration of the world. Also mentioned that our Attitudes must hold the three attributes Joy, Love and Reverence. They both stressed the need for innovative engagement of the world through media and media people, was the urgent need of the day.

GIVA Media Network Meeting, 06 & 07 July 2018
Dr K Rajendran, Chairman of GIVA Global Movement, set the tone for the meeting through a presentation on VISUALISING THE FUTURE MISSIONARIES & MEDIA where he emphasized the following seven objectives in detail: 1. Visualising New Workers; 2. Biblical Basis; 3. Missional World has changed; 4. Evangelistic Challenges; 5. Eight places to plant Future Workers [Terms & Engle Scale]; 6. The Powerful Media! [Sets Values in the communities]; 7. Passing the message on to Missions, Churches, Bible colleges & Christian NGOs. He clearly expressed the purpose behind the 2-days think-tank. This presentation became the foundation and brain for the further thinking, discussions and action plans.

The discussions were led by Mr Kannan along with contributions from Mr Bhaskar Venugopal & Mr Peter Christopher, GIVA Media Network Leaders.

The group was convinced on the importance of coming up with innovative solutions towards the matters discussed. They understood the Big picture and came up with ideas that were innovative and pragmatic.

Discussing Books @ GIVA Media Network Meeting, 06 & 07 July 2018
Listed below were the key questions that were discussed in detail:
• How to create media workers [writers, artists, actors, web media personnel, visual media, dramas, street plays and for all kinds of communication]?
• How to network with all Christian media and media people?
• How to create publishing houses?
• How to explore the publishing possibilities with existing publishers like Penguin etc. and Self-publishing?
• How to place media workers in the media world?
• How to produce media materials/products that will influence the society with Jesus values?
• How to pass on the information & teaching to the Church, Mission, Business, Christian NGOs etc.?
• How to market all the above products & services?

The gathering was intentional in setting up the ROADMAP for years to come. After much discussions, several action plans were listed, out of which important and unique ones were chosen that were seldom focused by the Missions, Churches, Bible Institutions, Christian NGOs etc.

Listed below are the important activities that GIVA Media Network will be involved in:

• Career Guidance: Identify and coach them when they are young. Also, engage with the Christian students in Colleges.
GIVA Institutes: Create Christ valued media people for all media (Visual, Print, Audio & Web) across the world.
• Educate the existing media people to be contemporary & relevant workers

• Identify them globally and connect
• Invite them to be a part of GIVA Institutes and its activities
• Offer platforms to media people for dialogue and expression

GIVA Media Network will take the responsibility of running GIVA Writers Institute, GIVA Documentary/Film Makers Institute and GIVA Journalism Institute.

• Installing GIVA Media Bank: Collate and create a pool of existing Christ valued media materials (Visual, Written, Audio & Web) and distribute it accordingly.
• Starting GIVA Publishing Unit: Publish Christ valued media materials (Visual, Print, Web & Audio) that will creatively engage the Public/masses based on Engel scale.
• Exploring other publishing options through existing publishers (Penguin, Westland, Harper Collins, International publishers etc.) and Self-publishing (Amazon POD). The idea is the wider distribution of both Soft & Hard copies and to be placed in bookshops at Train Stations / Bus Stations / Airports, public libraries, public institutions, Bible Colleges etc.
• Also to identify appropriate books/videos with Christ values and distribute it.
• Knowing the compliances related to Copyright, Registrations, Criteria, MOUs etc.
• Establish the credibility of the media people and their products & services.

• Create contacts and dialogue with various Publishers, Distributors and others.
• Explore social media, advertisement, online sales platform, video, interviews, digital marketing etc.
• Get people to review and rate media materials/products on Amazon or any other Social Media presence.
• Understanding the target audiences and marketing accordingly.

• Create awareness in the Churches, Institution, Missions on the importance of media and the need for media workers & products. Also, alert them to be sensitive in all their communications.
• GIVA-Thinking people in Global Leadership.
• Appoint GIVA-Thinking Principles, Bishops, leadership in Christian NGOs to influence Bible Colleges, Churches, Missions, NGOs & Christ following individuals.
• Motivate the Church, Mission, Institution & NGOs by showcasing the existing media people.
• Impart the importance of all forms of art to be used to communicate the Gospel across the people groups.

• Christian Comedy: Initiate dialog, talk about issues, etc.
• Talent Shows, Art Exhibitions etc.

We praised God for leading us in creative ways. All were encouraged about the new thinking of influencing the Gospel across the world through media. We were very pleased about the GIVA movement going forward in this direction.

Mr Bobby Mathew thanked all the participants for taking their time to attend this important gathering and closed the meeting in Prayer. Much of the time was spent on Prayers, asking the Lord to give us wisdom and guidance, as we pioneer in these innovative ventures. Thank you for all your prayers. Continue to be a part of GIVA Roundtable for discussion & fellowship.

Prayer Time @ GIVA Media Network Meeting, 06 & 07 July 2018
You are welcome to join this GIVA Global Movement.