GIVA Leadership Meeting 2018



DAY 1, 10 AUG 2018

The Trustees of Global Innovative Voices & Associates [GIVA Trust] & Directors of GIVA Inno-Ventures Pvt Ltd [GIVA Company] met on 10 Aug in Bangalore. The reports of the CEOs [Managing Trustee & Managing Director] were well accepted.

It was decided to have GIVA GLOBAL INNOVATORS CONCLAVE in Bangkok, Thailand from 14-19 October 2019. The aim is to gather and dialogue with the leaders/innovators around the globe who are involved in newer ways of communicating Christ values, and the effective way forward.

Also the GIVA GLOBAL LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE will be held from 14-26 October 2019. The Institute will start with the Conclave. This will allow the Institute’s participants to meet and dialogue with the global leaders and listen to global happenings. It’s a real leadership exposure where the participants can shake hands with other global leaders, dialogue with them on various issues and create connections. This is a huge exposure for the global missional realities. Post Conclave, the Institute will continue in the same venue till 26th Oct 2019. Kindly reserve the dates and plan to attend.

We were encouraged by the Lord’s doing in our midst. We are so much convinced the Lord started the GIVA movement.

DAY 2, 11 AUG 2018

There were 17 GIVA leaders. It’s a closed meeting restricted only for the GIVA Network and Institute Leaders.

The aim was to Connect & Discuss on effective running of GIVA Institutes and the way forward. Also to discuss in detail on the format of the Institute programmes and its Subject Matters (Curriculums), 2019 Calendar Dates, Input people, Pricing for participants, Marketing and Recruiting Participants for each of the GIVA Institutes.

Mr Bobby Mathew, one of the Directors of GIVA Inno-Ventures Pvt Ltd and GIVA Trust, emceed this event and led the discussions. He is the Owner of an IT company and the Pastor of two churches in Bengaluru.

Devotion for the day was led by Dr Mrs Kamala Chiranjeevi. She spoke from the passage Acts 7: 20-28 and expressed that Moses excelled in all matters which in turn gave him confidence and made him powerful. These experiences also assisted him to lead the people from one place to another in midst of all challenges. She urged all the participants to excel in all that they do to influence others and communities innovatively. She also encouraged everyone to contribute towards the GIVA goals.

Mr Kannan, CEO of GIVA Company, presented the report of GIVA Global Movement for the year 2017-18. He highlighted the major events and its outcome. He too underscored that one such outcome is the GIVA Institutes. He also summarised some of the important decisions that were made during GIVA’s First AGM & Board Meeting which was held on 10 Aug 2018.

Dr K Rajendran presented the journey of GIVA Global Movement thus far in 7 points: 1. Visualising the Future workers & Training in the contemporary world; 2. GIVA Trust & Company registered in 2017; 3. Have had some amazing GIVA Meetings – Momentum Began; 4. GIVA Networks have been created [Education, Business & Media]; 5. GIVA Leadership teams continuing to be created; 6. More networks & Start-ups will come; 7. We have managed the finances so far. He also added that GIVA Movement has just begun and it will affect every nation globally in the days ahead.

The idea of the gathering is to discuss and decide on the matters concerning the execution of GIVA Institutes. The summary of the decisions made:


It’s approximately 100 days, divided into 3 phases. [4+90+3 days]

Phase 1 – First 4 days (Classroom)

Phase 2 – 90 days (Online Coaching)

Phase 3 – Last 3 days (Classroom)

It was decided that the Subject Matters (Curriculum) for each Institute has to be designed by the respective GIVA Institute Leaders. They can rope in other practitioners to draft the content. The Subject Matters should be focused on preparing people for the future. It should contain Practitioners Perspective than Academicians theories. It should incorporate Spiritual development, Skill development and Character development. Biblical Basis should be allotted two sessions for each Institute. Each session should be meaningful and engaging. There should also be assignments to the participants.

It was decided to have more Practitioners as the Input people. The aim is to create more DOERS/INNOVATORS by the end of the programme and so practitioners are important. A database of input people will also be created. 

After much discussion, the following dates were finalised for the year 2019.



 GIVA Business & Entrepreneurship Institute
 Produce & mentor Christ-valued business people & entrepreneurs, and launch businesses.

 Feb 21 – May 26, 2019

 GIVA Writers Institute
 Prepare writers who will write fictions, non-fictions, columns, scripts, biographies and others with Jesus morals.

 Mar 7 – Jun 16, 2019

 GIVA Film & Documentary Institute
 Produce Film & Documentary makers who will create short & feature films, documentaries, web series and others reflecting Christ values.

 Apr 11 – Jul 14, 2019

 GIVA Career Guidance Institute
 Guide & mentor young minds to choose appropriate career & professions to set Jesus values 

 Jun 29 – 30, 2019

 GIVA Journalism Institute
 Create Jesus-valued media anchors, journalists for news-channels and news-papers.

 Jul 25 – Nov 3, 2019

 GIVA Artists Institute
 Develop actors, poets, painters, musicians, storytellers (theater, folklore) with Christ ethos.

 Aug 8 – Nov 7, 2019

 GIVA Politics & Governance Institute
 Prepare and place Christ valued people in politics, civil services, governance and others.

 Aug 22 – Dec 1, 2019

 GIVA Justice Institute
 Prepare advocates, judges, human right people who will advocate for Jesus’ justice & principles.

 Sep 12 – Dec 15, 2019

 GIVA Global Leadership Institute
 Create global missional leaders’ mind-set to see the Big picture and to positively transform the world with the Great Commission, innovatively & globally.

 Oct 14 – 25, 2019


CEO Center, SAIACS, Bengaluru.

Phase 1 [4 days] & Phase 3 [3 days] will be held here.


Rs. 20,000/- per person

GIVA Graduate Certificate will be issued upon completion

Note: The participants are requested to take care of their own stay & food expenses. They can choose to stay at the venue or nearby places or commute. Kindly visit to stay at the venue.

• Advertise in magazines like Front Runner, Light of Life, Aim and others
• Advertise in Christian websites
• Post it on Facebook groups under Events
• Email/Mailchimp known contacts
• Continue to talk about it at appropriate platforms and people
• The marketing content should carry information on the benefits of attending a particular GIVA Institute. It was also suggested to produce short visual clips on the impact that Institutes will produce, and also short testimonials or case studies to be made to motivate people to join.

7.1 AWARDS: It was decided that ‘Annual Innovator Awards’ will be given to the Best candidate of each GIVA Institutes during the GIVA Global Innovators Conclave. The GIVA Institute Leaders must spot the upcoming talents of every Institutes & mentor them.
• This media house will have its own Publishing unit and media bank. We desperately need a “Print on Demand” equipment for our need of beginning of media House.
• It will publish books, produce documentaries/short films and other media products.
• Our publishing will begin with English language and then move on towards other regional languages.
• We have to dialogue with the Publishing & Distribution Units to place our books & other media products at the bookshops of Airport, Train Stations, and others.
• Media Bank: We should continue to collate and create a pool of existing Christ valued media materials (Visual, Written, Audio & Web) and distribute it accordingly.

• To collaborate with existing business innovators, networks and forums.
• To assist in the creation of businesses/start-ups, especially for those who graduate from GIVA Institutes to convert their workable business ideas into appropriate business models.
• To offer ongoing mentoring & motivation

Dr K Rajendran encouraged all the GIVA Leaders that GIVA is a Global movement and each of their contributions was valuable. He urged everyone to continue to think relevantly for the times we live in. He took a leaf from the Bible and the history to state that any innovative thinking will be a bit confusing in its initial stages, but will become a major movement in the days ahead. And so we must continue to do the needful innovatively, he added. He appreciated GIVA leaders for their vision and constant involvement with GIVA. The focus is to place new workers who will carry Jesus values in the contemporary world in whatever profession they will serve.

Mr Kannan thanked all the GIVA Network & Institute Leaders for their time, minds and leadership. The meeting was closed with prayer by Mrs Shamli.