GIVA Global Leadership Institute 2018



Since 75 – 80% global Jesus followers are from the Global South, we need to visualise a different type of Global leadership & different kinds of partnerships. With that perspective GIVA Movement started to orientate & train leadership development from Global North & South.

The first Global Leadership Institute of GIVA was held at CEO Center, Bengaluru, with an aim to create Global Missional Leaders’ Mind-set to see the Big picture and guide them through the process of:
  • Understanding contemporary global missional scenario
  • Visualising the future leadership & workers/innovators
  • Redefinition of various missional terms & thoughts
  • Innovative & contextual initiatives that could be applied across the world
  • Care & counsel for future workers
  • Future Global South & North partnerships
Why GIVA Global Leadership Institute [G2LI]? Mr Kannan, CEO of GIVA Company, welcomed all the participants and explained in detail about the GIVA Global Leadership Institute, its purpose and future.
Why GIVA Global Movement? Mrs Pramila Rajendran, CEO of GIVA Trust <>, presented the formation, objectives and activities of the Trust, and the same for the GIVA Company <> was done by Mr Kannan. Later both of them answered the participants’ queries connected to the GIVA Movement.
21 leaders from diverse backgrounds attended the institute. They were media people, church planters & missional leaders, business people and others. The average age was 40.

Each day was started with devotions where the first half was spent on presenting the Biblical perspectives on important themes/topics as shown below, and the latter half was assigned to reflect & discuss on the same.
  • Leadership & Finding God’s Will for Missional Activities: Mr Bobby Mathew, an IT engineer and a Pastor of two churches in Bengaluru also a GIVA Trustee/Director, explained in detail about ‘God’s Will’ and ‘Mission of God’. He urged the importance in understating the God’s will according to various contexts and carry on with the Mission innovatively, as the time and world are changing.
  • Leadership & Relevant for Context: Rev Dr Jayakumar Ramachandran, Director of Academy for Church Planting & Leadership [ACPL], and Indian Institute of Inter Cultural Studies [IIICS], highlighted that the world is in constant change of technology, positive and negative consequences of (economic, political and social) globalization, uncertainty, unpredictability, and turbulence. He called for introspection on, how much are our churches, missions and others relevant to the context today. He also added some thoughts for innovation and innovators.
  • Leadership & Future Thinking: Dr Prabhu Singh, Principal of South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies [SAIACS], presented the Apostolic Manual for developing leaders based on Acts 6:1-7. He highlighted that leaders must have clear understanding about their life’s purpose and the world, carefully choose the right & useful personnel, delegation of authority, and innovation of structure, methodology, communication and others.
  • Leadership & Innovation: CMR Ashok Kumar, CEO & Pastor of Neon Family Church [NFC], encouraged the participants to live a life of excellence that will lead to innovation. He shared Seven facts to excel in life: Dreams, Teacher, Servant Nature, Physical fitness, Holiness, Be grateful, Be Firm and Stand Firm on your Faith. He emphasised us to live in this world and stay a notch higher and excel in all the areas and so we can influence the people.
  • Leadership & Global Thinking: Dr Chacko Thomas from Operation Mobilisation International [OM], shared about his 70 years of life visiting 105 countries working with OM. He narrated, what the Lord was doing across the nations. He spoke from 1 Peter 4:10,11 and highlighted that everybody has revived a gift and must serve one another. He encouraged the participants to raise all sorts of leaders for today. Chacko Thomas has had influenced & created with spiritual formation of the leaders across the world.
All the sessions were planned to achieve the aim of the G2LI, and were led by appropriate global leaders who are known for their innovative thinking & doing.


  • Innovating & Preparing Global Leaders for the New World: Dr K Rajendran, Chairman of GIVA Global Movement, set the tone for the Institute by explaining the contemporary global missional scenario, where he elaborated the old world vs the new independent world along with mission challenges and the need for appropriate leaders. He gave an account of various global, regional & national movements across the world, its philosophies and his own experience with each one of them. Various missional innovators and movements since 17th century were highlighted. Global shift in the Christian population towards the Global South was emphasised along with various ways of preparing leaders who will become global players. He stressed the importance of visualising new workers in the near future based on Luke 10:1-2 and led the discussion on practical ways of impacting the future.
  • Past, Present & Future: Mr Kannan expressed the importance of foreseeing the Future in the light of Past & Present world and happenings. He gave a glimpse of Church & Mission history from the past till today. He explained various eras of protestant missions and their missional implications across the globe. Their positive and negative impacts were discussed. The present day global missional challenges were elaborated along with the need for priority & innovative engagement. The necessity for future & innovative workers to affect the influential & professional areas such as business, media, education and others were emphasized.
  • Producing Films & Documentaries: Mr Peter Christopher, CEO of Revelation Bay Productions and leader of GIVA Media Network, explained the ways in which films and documentaries are influencing the society today. He also gave a glimpse of, how visual media is used in Christian spheres which seldom engages the public. He stressed on the need for understating the context, content and identifying proper audience across the society, and innovatively making Christ valued visual media to impact.
  • Influencing People with Jesus Values: Mr Bhaskar Venugopal, Director of GIVA Global Publishers and leader of GIVA Media Network, turned our attention towards the growth of media across the world and its impact on people. He took us through the trends and urged for the need of Christ valued media of all formats to be made available to set Jesus values across the world. He also introduced the ‘GIVA Global Publications’ and its first release of the book titled Dads, where are you? authored by him. Other two books Kingdom BeginningsHis Story – Retold will be out shortly.
  • Influencing International Students: Mrs Angel Doss, Director of Friends Beyond Boundaries [FBB] and a leader of GIVA Career Guidance Institute, spoke about the nations that have come to our neighbourhood. She explained in detail about the International Student mobility and the impact they create in their respective nations and other places. Various innovative ways of impacting these important people group was discussed.
  • Innovative Care for Future Global Leaders: Mrs Pramila Rajendran emphasised the urgency & critical need of Care for leaders, their family and workers for the effective fulfilment of Great Commission across the globe. A comprehensive model for MemberCare was presented where she elaborated various aspects of care such as master, self, sender, specialist & network care. Leaders care with the global perspective was presented in detail, and the same in the light of personal, family and organisational areas were discussed. Towards the end of the session, the participants shared one innovative care issue that they will focus to become effective global leaders. She presented some of the books and resources that are available to know more about Care.
  • Innovatively Engaging the Societies & Nations: Dr J N Manokaran, Regional Director South Asia of Community Bible Study International, presented the Ten important & influential places, to plant modern workers, such as Arts, Business, Church/Compassion Service/Civil Society, Distribution of Information (Media), Education, Family, Government, Health Services, Information sector and Justice. In detail, he explained the way in which these areas shape the societies and nations. He uncovered the way they function and the value system behind it. He presented Biblical perspectives on these areas and effective ways of engaging them. He urged the importance of churches, missions, institutions to wake up and start placing Christ valued people who will set Christ values in all these areas.
  • Influencing Influencers: Dr J N Manokaran narrated: Who are the influencers and how are they strategic? He explained the ways in which we can influence them and the process of influence. He showed various case studies from the Bible and their process of influence. He made us aware of the challenges involved in each stages of influence. 
  • Strategically Placing Workers: Mr Ralph Benjamin, CEO of Immerge In and a leader of GIVA Business Institute, urged that the strategic thinking is important for leaders today, to be effective. He pointed out from the Bible the way God strategically placed people in various influential places & walks of life to inspire changes and further His work. He emphasised and detailed the need for placing right people at the right time in right places.
  • Future Global South & North Partnerships: Dr K Rajendran presented the Global Scenario of missional happenings, along with the role of Global South and Global North. He took us through the various dialogues that happened between both the entities, its outcome, positives, negatives and others. The future roles and partnerships between Global North & Global South were discussed in detail in the light of the Christian population shift that is occurring from Global North to Global South.
In the evenings, important movies were screened that mirrored some of the important issues and events of the past & present that were relevant for today’s missional decision making. Some of the movies screened were: The Mission, Spotlight and Silence. Participants were moved by the movies and broaden their perspectives.   
All the participants shared their reflections about the GIVA Global movement and the impact of G2LI 2018 on them. They also narrated a list of initiatives they plan to start in the future.
Dr Mrs Kamala Chiranjeevi, CEO of Letha Charitable Trust and Treasurer of GIVA movement, described some of the innovative initiatives that she is involved in. She encouraged the participants to put all that they learnt into actions and wished them the best for their future endeavours.
All the participants were awarded GIVA Graduate Certificate for their completion of GIVA Global Leadership Institute 2018.

Participants Views on GIVA Movement
  • True global movement without biases
  • Foresees the future and its needs, and encourages in preparing future relevant workers in all professions and walks of life.
  • Offers platform for innovators/leaders to gather, dialogue on crucial issues and find effective way forwards
  • Challenges everybody to become innovators.
  • Encourages Global South (Christians) to create wealth.
  • Builds global mind-set to leaders
  • Updates about the Past, Present and Future world along with global trends.
  • Is bold, takes risk and treads on the untrodden path creatively.
  • Generates idea seamlessly to affect the whole globe innovatively.
  • Gives priority to the Biblical basis and is passionate to set Jesus values across the world
Impact of G2LI 2018 on Participants
  • My thought pattern has changed. Thinking & acting globally.
  • New perspectives on missions, methodology, fresh ideas in witnessing, functioning professionally
  • Rising to the needs and address the mission challenges across the world
  • Insights into the importance of setting Christ values all over the world
  • Encouraged to be innovative and change the traditional mind-set & mentality
  • Preparing, training & mentoring future workers
  • Getting to know other innovators and their initiatives
  • The importance of influencing the influencers
  • Daily devotions were inspiring and thought provoking
  • Involve more in innovative way of communicating the Gospel
Initiatives They Plan to Start
  • Writing Christ valued fictions, non-fictions, columns, blogs, short stories and others
  • Starting viable businesses to impact communities.
  • Encouraging & actively placing future workers in the 10 influential & professional areas.
  • Will try and use all sorts of media innovatively to set Jesus values (Jesus Philosophies)
  • Dialogue & educate the church, mission, institutions, NGOs on all that I heard now
  • Will mobilise my whole church to actively and innovatively involve in missions.
  • Develop income generating ventures and innovatively do the Lord’s work
  • Campaign for future missions and future workers
  • Will do missions in a newer and creative ways
  • Venture into Corporate counselling
  • Encourage Christian entrepreneurs & professionals as missionaries in their workplaces
  • Documenting and educating church, missions, institutions with the current events & affairs
  • To allot time, invest & mentor younger leaders
  • Take up the challenge of urban evangelism, cities for Christ.