GIVA Global Innovators Conclave 2018


12 & 13 January 2018, Bengaluru, India


This was the first event of the GIVA Movements. The aim of the meet was to find out Innovators and Missional Followers of Christ to communicate the Gospel in the contemporary scenario of India, South Asia and the Globe. 45 Innovators were gathered at the CEO Centre [SAIACS], Bangalore, India.

KIND OF PEOPLE PARTICIPATED: There were business people, IT professionals, poets, mission organizations’ leaders, media personnel, creative writers, journalists, bankers, Church pastors, scientist, artists, theologians, publishers, social activist, entrepreneurs, environmentalists and others who were passionate about the Great Commission. It was great to listen to them as they were from different backgrounds by profession, understanding, age and region.

DEVOTIONS: Both the days started with devotions led by Mr Bobby Mathew (Day 1), and Dr Mrs Kamala Chiranjeevi (Day 2), who narrated the Innovations in the Bible along with a few real-life examples. They urged the need to break the barrier between Sacred & Secular, and be faithful to the given talents by the Lord and use it innovatively to fulfill the Great Commission. A refection from the floor on the devotions were followed. 

PRESENTATIONS: There were fewer presentations to initiate the thinking, and much time was spent on group discussions. 

  • Where were we, Are we and Should be: Dr K Rajendran set the tone for the meeting by presenting the contemporary scenario of missional movements and rise of different innovators through the centuries. He urged the need for contemporary thinkers/innovators/workers, ideas and movements, to bloom and positively affect the Globe in terms of creatively presenting the Gospel.
  • GIVA Inno-Ventures Private Limited (GIVA Company): Mr. Kannan R., the CEO / Managing Director, explained the reason behind the company, its activities and the impact that it will produce in fulfilling the Great Commission. He further explained that the funding will be generated by running appropriate institutes, conducting think-tanks, training, media & start-ups. This will be a way forward in the contemporary mission scenario.
  • Global Innovative Voices & Associates (GIVA Trust): Mrs Pramila Rajendran, the CEO / Managing Trustee, introduced the Trust, its objectives and explained the significance of becoming an associate of this Global movement. The Trust will generate funds through donations for different projects envisioned by the Trust. It will identify “Associates” and “Innovators” from across the globe. It will show the way forward for missional movements around the world in impacting every nation. 

The GIVA Movements [Trust & the Pvt company] will redefine Mission, Mission-field and future Missionaries around the globe, through research, start-ups, seminars, networks, think-tanks and training in various areas.

DISCUSSIONS & NETWORKS: There were discussions on, what should be done in the light of Contemporary missional scenario and the current happenings across the globe, and how effectively we could place appropriate Christ workers (newer missionaries – with missional and innovating thinking) in the 8 professional areas (Arts, Business, Church, Media, Education, Family, Government and Humanitarian) and other evangelistic & mission challenge areas.

Three discussion groups Emerged during the momentum: 
1. Education Network: What is envisioned for the Newer & Contemporary workers to learn? Overall Curriculum – Why we need these syllabuses for today’s situation?; Accreditation / connecting with some credible university; Creating courses – How? 
2. Media Network: How do we train people for the media [writing, anchoring, acting, storytelling, street plays etc.]; How do we connect with the secular publishing houses and distribute Jesus influencing materials at the bus / train stations, airport bookshops etc. 
3. Business Network: How do we place Missional business people among other business people, businesses & communities to influence them with the Gospel?; Creating Wealth – Which will contribute towards the Gospel penetration across the world. Living with dignity, doing what needs to be done contextually affecting people with Jesus Values. Freedom from dependency syndrome. etc. 

The participants were asked to choose one of the groups, spend enough time to discuss and come up with suggestions. We hope that these networks along with the participants would form an effective core group for further activities.

INNOVATORS’ INTRODUCTION: Much of the time was allotted, almost the whole 2nd day, for the Innovators to express their work and the way they engage with the communities with the Gospel, as professionals or NGOs or Missions or Churches or individuals. Every presentation amazed the participants, as there are many new way-forwards in communicating the GOOD NEWS. There were also Q & A following the presentations.

List of the Innovators presentations:

  • Revolutionary Church Planting by Dr Chandrakant Chavada
  • Effectively engaging the Muslim Communities by Mr Ralph
  • Presenting Poetry to the Public by Mrs Malsawmi Jacob
  • Influencing the International Students by Mrs & Mr Angel & Benoni.
  • Contemporary Education & Curriculums [Infinity Centre] by Mr Christie Samuel
  • Communicating Christ to others through Literature by Mr Bhaskar Venugopal
  • Working among the [North Indian] migrants/diaspora in South India – by Mr Issac Newton
  • Engaging Caste Groups by Mr Samkiruba
  • Creating value-based films by Mr Peter Christopher
  • Engaging the College youth through Coffee Shop by Mrs. Asha Sangster
  • Addressing mental health issues through poetry by Mr Daniel Sukumar.
  • Mila and BabyBump Clothing for all – Business, by Mrs Pramila Rajendran
  • Business Development Center [BDC] – Training Business People by Mr Sugumaran Ebenezer
  • Working with media & NGOs as a Follower of Christ by Mrs Cynthia Stephen
  • Business & Self Sustenance [Owner of an IT company & a Pastor] by Mr Bobby Mathew
  • Eradicating Illiteracy in India and the world by Dr Mrs Kamala Chiranjeevi 

Others we missed:

  • Business & other activities in Nepal by Mr Anugraha Poudel.  
  • Affecting Hindus with the Gospel by Mr Paul Radha Krishnan. 

All were amazed by the new ways of affecting people in various professions. Regretfully, not enough time to listen to all the stories. Perhaps next time.

PARTICIPANTS REACTIONS: Overall the participants felt thankful for the opportunity to listen to other Innovators, their stories and together sketching the Way Forward. Some of them mentioned that it was the first time that they met Innovators from different fields under one roof. There were inspirations and commitments to look beyond their activities and try something new.

Below mentioned are some of the themes that were mentioned repeatedly by the participants:

  • The Global vision behind the GIVA movements.
  • GIVA Movements affecting the Globe based on the Global South!
  • Innovation for the Gospel in all areas of life.
  • Breaking barriers between, Sacred and Secular.
  • Making missions self-sustained & self-supportive workers.
  • Preparing contemporary workers to affect the 8 Professional Areas such as Arts, Business, Church, Media, Education, Family, Government and Humanitarian.
  • Creating curriculums to impact the 8 Professional Areas.
  • Developing relevant training to place Christ followers in all influential areas.
  • Creatively engage with the Internationals, esp. students, workers etc.
  • The world is at our doorstep. Taking the Gospel to the migrants / diaspora.
  • Exploring various creative ways to engage the youth and others.
  • Contextualisation and New ways of doing mission.
  • It was full of young people between 25 – 45
  • The breaks were long so people could network. It was a thrill to meet like-minded people. We had fun as we got to know each other
  • The way forward was clear. Ideas emerged seamlessly; dialogue was very intentional
  • We were at the SAIACS CEO Centre, the food was great.