GIVA Education Network Meeting 2018


08 & 09 June 2018, Bengaluru, India

GIVA Education Network Meeting held on 08 & 09 June 2018 at Frontier Management Centre in Bengaluru. 
18 participants from varied backgrounds participated in this event. They were experts in leading mission organisations, church, business, media, film/documentary making, journalism, counselling, writing for the public, government profession, engaging international students, theological institutions etc. Except two, all the others were below 45 years of age.
The main aim was to visualise the newer and future workers and to create curriculums / courses to prepare them for the public arena to be creative as witnesses. Another aim was: How to pass the message of future workers to churches, missions, NGOs and institutions.

Mr Bobby Mathew, one of the Directors of GIVA Inno-Ventures Pvt Ltd / GIVA Trust, emceed the whole meeting. He runs an IT Company, pastors a church and mentors the internationalstudents in Bengaluru.

Mr Kannan, CEO of GIVA Inno-Ventures Pvt Ltd (a part of GIVA Global Movement), welcomed all the participants. He narrated the background and objectives of the 2-days GIVA Education Network meeting.

Mr Paul Radhakrishnan [Acts 8:26-40 – Attributes of Ethiopian Eunuch, Philip & God, and the need for lovingly & innovatively engaging all people] & Mr Christie Samuel [Judges 6 & 7 – Intentionally volunteering to get involved with faith in what God has shown you] shared each day the devotional thoughts, appropriate to the GIVA movements’ aims.

Dr K Rajendran, Chairman of GIVA Global Movement, set the tone for the meeting through a presentation on VISUALISING THE FUTURE MISSIONARIES & TRAINING where he emphasized the below 7 objectives in detail: 1. Missional changes; 2. The world at large – Christianity in Global South & North; 3. Political Changes; 4. Highlighted Evangelistic Challenges [which are not usually spoken in the churches, missions, Christian NGOs & theological colleges]; 5. Some Conceptual Missional Changes [insights from the older missions’ thinking to the present day, like the “Mission Filed”, “Unreached Peoples”, etc]; 6. How to change traditional educational systems & bringing changes among the Indian & Global communities; & 7. Passing on the message to educate & train ‘visualising new workers’]

He clearly expressed the purpose behind the 2-days think-tank. This presentation became the foundation and brain for the further thinking, discussions and action plans.

As a group, we chose 4 most important influential & professional areas such as Arts, Media, Business and Government that urgently needs the contemporary Christ workers. Later,deeper and profound discussions followed in the light of the previous presentation on ‘Visualising Future Workers & Training’. 
Leaders were deeply engrossed in discussions
The discussions spread for 2 days on HOW DO WE TRAIN WORKERS FOR ARTS, MEDIA, BUSINESS & GOVERNMENT with an immediate need to place workers. All the participants actively took part in the discussions by suggesting many ways of producing newer workers. The meeting was intent & serious in understanding the new concepts, questions & answers, possible & impossible solutions, traditional & contemporary approaches etc. The discussions were focused towards the aim of the meeting.
As an outcome of 2-days fruitful discussions, the whole group immediately started 10 GIVA INSTITUTES that will prepare newer workers for the important professional areas that were seldom focused by the institutions, churches, mission organisations & Christian NGOs. All these institutes will be GLOBAL in nature. 
1. Business & Entrepreneurship Institute
2. Writers Institute
3. Documentary & Film Making Institute
4. Journalism Institute
5. Politics & Administration Institute
6. Justice Institute
7. Career Guidance Institute
8. Innovative Care Institute
9. Global Leadership Institute
10. Artists Institute
The GIVA leaders to design curriculums were chosen. They will also draft in the needed experts from across the world, as needed for every institute. 


Dr K Rajendran, the Chair, encouraged us by saying, “Around the globe, Mission Leaders are excited about GIVA Movement & the prospect of ‘Visualising New Workers and Training’ in the present world scenario. The momentum is ON with newer leaders. The momentum & the team of individuals have been gathering for the last 35 years.”  

The discussions & think-tank were led by Mr Kannan & co-led by Mr Christie Samuel, Leader of the GIVA Education Network.

Mr Christie Samuel thanked all the participants for taking their time to attend this important gathering. He urged them to continue to be connected and contribute to the GIVA EDUCATION NETWORK and closed the meeting in Prayer.

Thank you for all your prayers. Please join with “Visualising the New Workers and Training”.