GIVA Business Network Meeting 2018



GIVA Business Network Meeting held on 22 & 23 June 2018 at Frontier Management Centre in Bengaluru. 
26 leaders participated in this event where 60% were from business backgrounds. The participation comprised of entrepreneurs, IT professionals, mission heads, pastors, media personnel, bankers and others. Young people with much enthusiasm formed a clear majority. 30% of the participants were first-timers for a GIVA gathering who were enthused to know more about this innovative global movement.
The purpose of the gathering was to see the Big picture of businesses and entrepreneurs impacting the communities and the world, and to formulate plans & strategies that will produce effective businesses/start-ups and entrepreneurs who will positively impact the nations with the Christ values. Also to think through various ideas to generate wealth that will assist in fulfilling the Great Commission across the world.

Mr Bobby Mathew, one of the Directors of GIVA Inno-Ventures Pvt Ltd and GIVA Trust, emceed this important event. He is the Owner of an IT company and the Pastor of a Church in Bengaluru. Mr Kannan, CEO of GIVA Inno-Ventures Pvt Ltd, presented all the GIVA Networks and their aims. He highlighted the importance of GIVA Business Network and its interlink between other networks.

Devotions on the two days were led by Mr Ralph Benjamin and Dr Chandrakant Chavda. Mr Benjamin urged the participants to discern the Patterns in the Bible on, how the Lord thinks and does various things, and appropriately translate it for today. He also challenged various notions that need to be rethought for the contemporary day, like rural vs urban, sacred vs secular, charity, choice of professions, people’s perceptions, methodologies etc. Dr Chavada spoke from 2 Corinthians where he highlighted the importance of creating wealth and use it actively to fulfill the Great Commission.

GIVA Business Network Meeting, 22 & 23 June 2018

Dr K Rajendran, Chairman of GIVA Global Movement, set the tone for the meeting through a presentation on VISUALISING THE FUTURE MISSIONARIES & BUSINESSES where he emphasized the below 7 objectives in detail: 1. Missional changes; 2. The world at large – Christianity in Global South & North; 3. Political Changes; 4. Highlighted Evangelistic Challenges [which are not usually spoken in the churches, missions, Christian NGOs & theological colleges]; 5. Some Conceptual Missional Changes [insights from the older missions’ thinking to the present day, like the “Mission Filed”, “Unreached Peoples”, etc]; 6. Business & Education: List of business models across the world and their aims; & 7. Passing on the message to educate & train ‘visualising new workers’]

He clearly expressed the purpose behind the 2-days think-tank. This presentation became the foundation and brain for further thinking, discussions and action plans.

The nature of the meeting was discussion & interaction oriented. All the participants eagerly took part in discussions by suggesting various ideas and measures to fulfil the below objectives. The environment was electric as the majority were business personnel and young. They were spontaneous and pragmatic.
Mr Chirag Chavada leading discussions @ GIVA Business Network Meeting, 22 & 23 June 2018
The aim was to draft a set of ACTION PLANS to achieve the below objectives:
• How do we develop business personnel/entrepreneurs?
• How do we place them among other business people, businesses & communities to influence with Christ values?
• How to create businesses/start-ups to be a credible witness among the business community [small, medium & mega Businesses]?
• How to create wealth to avoid dependency syndrome and involve in missional activity with dignity, and also to contribute to the overall fulfillment of the Great Commission?
• How to network and strengthen existing businesses?
• How to pass on the information & teaching to the Churches, Mission Organizations, Christian NGOs, Businesses, Institutions etc.?

The ideas and suggestions were poured in during the discussions. Eventually, the priority was given to the unique ideas that were seldom initiated by Mission, Church, Institutions etc. across the world.

Listed below are the important activities that GIVA Business Network will be involved in:

1. Ownership of GIVA Business & Entrepreneurship Institute

  • Design curriculums with global intent
  • Involve in running the institute
  • Continuous mentoring, coaching & guidance to the entrepreneurs

2. Starting & Running a ‘Global Incubation Centre’

  • Assist in creation of businesses/start-ups, especially for those who graduate from any of the GIVA Institutes.
  • Facilitate ideas & other resources
  • Building various eco-systems with expertise
  • Assist in converting ideas to implementations
  • Assist in placing business people in appropriate places.
  • Internships with the existing businesses.
  • Collaborate with existing business innovators, networks and forums.

3. Creating Global Investment & Support Systems

  • Modifying the idea of ‘Venture Capitalists’ or ‘Angel Investors’ in our own context.
  • Identify and network with angel investors, venture capitalist and other investors across the world.
  • Looking into Christian crowd-funding platforms
  • Creating a pool of investors who will fund for a designated purpose.

4. Education & Strengthening Business Thinking Across the World

  • Identify & engage with existing business innovators, networks, forums etc.
  • Participating in various events & activities across the world and continue the dialogue.
  • Creating ‘Global Innovative Businesses Community’ along with their Products & Services to connect and influence.

5. Education & Motivational Communications/Publications

  • Continue to speak and give visions in various platforms & forums.
  • Producing documentaries & books on innovative business people and business initiatives.
  • Conduct various seminars and programmes similar to TED Talks with different stakeholders

6. Career Guidance

  • Guiding young people into prospective entrepreneurial ideas & career
  • Clubbing with the GIVA Career Guidance Institute

7Creating wealth for the whole globe to assist in fulfilling the Great Commission.

  • Identify and network with business entities and entrepreneurs who will fund the Great Commission activities across the world.
  • Channelling the CSR of the existing businesses accordingly
  • Creating Global Foundations
Tea & Fellowship @ GIVA Business Network Meeting, 22 & 23 June 2018

Dr K Rajendran, the Chair, encouraged us by saying, “Around the globe, Mission Leaders are excited about GIVA Movement & the prospect of ‘Visualising New Workers and Business’ in the present world scenario. The momentum is ON with newer leaders. The momentum & the team of individuals have been gathering for the last 35 years.”  

The discussions & think-tank were led by Mr Kannan & co-led by Mr Chirag Chavada, Leader of the GIVA Business Network. Mr Bobby Mathew thanked all the participants for taking their time to attend this important gathering. Mr Ganesh Chitnis, a Farm Entrepreneur, closed the meeting in Prayer.

Much of the time was spent on Prayers, asking the Lord to give us wisdom and guidance, as we pioneer in these innovative ventures.

Thank you for all your prayers. Continue to be a part of GIVA Roundtable for discussion & fellowship.