The world has changed and globalised MISSIONALY, POLITICALLY & MIGRAIONWISE. We need to rethink all that we do and involved in. In this scenario, we warmly invite you to this important global missional leadership conclave that will inspire you to relevantly prepare you and your workers / organisations / businesses for the Future.

  • A global convergence of missional innovators / practitioners / visionaries from Business, Media (writing, film making, journalism), various Arts fields, Missional Organisations, Church, Education, Institutions & NGOs.
  • An impactful & far-sighted platform where the innovators gather, share inspiring ideas, dialogue on contemporary missional issues and come up with effective actions to affect the Future.
  • Celebrating & honouring innovators / trendsetters for their innovative thinking and initiatives, by awarding GIVA Global Innovators Awards.


GIVA Global Innovators Awards 2020: This Global Leadership Conclave will recognise and honour ingenious missional innovators/practitioners who are innovatively engaging in the areas of Arts, Business, Media, innovative Church, Mission org, Education, Politics / Civil Services, NGOs & Bible Seminaries / Colleges. These innovators lead innovative thinking/doing and drive contemporary missional trends. They will share their innovative initiatives, and interact with participants on contemporary missional issues and future way forwards. These dialogues & recognitions will raise innovators, and inspire innovative initiatives across the globe. 

GIVA Awardees 2020:

  • Mrs Malsawmi Jacob [Author & Poet. Engaging the Public through Novels & Poetry]
  • Mr Philip Manickam [Founder – The Catalyst. Global Missional Thinker & Actions]
  • Mr Daniel Madapur [Founder – The Edge. Business Entrepreneur & Beyond]
  • Mrs Cynthia Stephen [Educator, Activist & Politician. Building South Asian Nations based on Christ Values]
  • Mr Peter Christopher [Founder – Revelation Bay Productions. Making Films with Christ Values (Media)]
  • Mrs Premlatha Samuel [Founder – Arise. Addressing Social Issues through Street/Stage Performance & Acts (Media)]
  • Mr Pon Nesan Lazarus [Founder – Tulip Education Center. Communicating Christ through Folklore – Villupattu (Media)]
  • Mr Vinoth Kumar [Budding Politician. Building Nation based on Christ Values]
  • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2020: Mrs Sita & Mr Resham Raj Poudel [Founders – Nepal Gospel Centre & GLOW Mission. Involved in Innovative Church Movement & Social Work in Nepal, since 1960s]


  • Biblical Reflections: Both the days will start with Biblical worldviews of a particular theme.
  • Heart to Heart: It’s a keynote address from Dr K Rajendran, Chair of GIVA Global, who will highlight the missional Big picture and the purpose of the Conclave.
  • GIVA Talks: Similar to TED Talks but with missional content. This 20-minute talk is to challenge minds on crucial contemporary missional issues.
  • Award Winners Interview: The plenary sessions will be full of interviews with the GIVA Global Innovators Award Winners.


Leaders of Mission Organizations, Churches, Institutions, Businesses, Bible Colleges, NGOs and Laypeople / Ordinary Christ-followers, from around the world.


  • To ask questions and deal with the contemporary global scenario.
  • To fellowship and get to know other innovators / practitioners and their initiatives
  • To understand the Missional BIG picture
  • To grasp newer ideas and opportunities in fulfilling the Great Commission in the contemporary global scenario.
  • To be aware of future Global South & North partnership dynamics
  • To listen and interact with future missional workers like Business personal, Writers, Filmmakers, Politicians / Civil servants & Educators.
  • To rethink your ministries, organisations / businesses and workers, in a new way, positively affecting your Future.


  • 17 & 18 January 2020 [Both the days start at 9 am and ends at 7 pm with Supper]
  • Visthar Conference and Retreat Center, Bengaluru, India []


  • Non Residential [No Accommodation]: Rs. 3,000 [USD 45] per person [It includes registration fees; 2 days – lunch, supper & coffee / tea breaks] 
  • Residential [1 Day Accommodation]: Rs. 4,200 [USD 60] per person [It includes registration fees; 2 days – all meals & coffee / tea breaks; 1 day twin sharing accommodation] 
  • Residential [2 Days Accommodation]: Rs. 5,400 [USD 80] per person [It includes registration fees; 2 days – all meals & coffee / tea breaks; 2 days twin sharing accommodation] 

[Special Offer: 50% discount on the total fees for Students from Seminaries / Theological Institutions. Kindly contact us for more information]

Yours sincerely,

Dr K Rajendran, Chairman, GIVA Global
Mr Kannan R, CEO, GIVA Inno-Ventures Pvt Ltd
Mrs Pramila Rajendran, CEO, Global Innovative Voices & Associates

 Dr Mrs Kamala Chiranjeevi – Director; Mr Bobby Mathew – Director; Mr Pradeep R – Director; Mr Shanmugam Pillai – Director; Mr Kannan R – Company CEO; Mrs Pramila Rajendran – Trust CEO; Dr K Rajendran – Chairman; and other GIVA Institute & Network Leaders.


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  • Address: GIVA Global, Doddagubbi Main Road, Kothanur, Bengaluru – 560077, India