We started this year 2020 by conducting GIVA Global Innovators Conclave on 17 & 18 Jan 2020. There were 64 participants – 80% of them were young. Ten missional innovators were given GIVA Awards for their innovative works. Participants felt that the Conclave was unique and committed themselves for innovative missional engagement. Click here to read the full report. 
Upcoming programmes for the year 2020 were planned in the light of contemporary global scenario & challenges, and the urgency to develop future missional workers & movements to impact the globe:
  • GIVA Global Leadership Development
  • GIVA Global Think Tanks 
  • GIVA Global Institutes 
We invite interested minds from Church, Mission, Business, Media, Politics, Bible Colleges, and Christian NGOs to attend these events to grasp contemporary global missional scene & insights. And to prepare yourself to impact communities/nations, meaningfully & globally.